My Cookbook

It’s here!  The published edition of my first cookbook, Feeding Our Familes is finally available!  To the 500+ of you that purchased the friends and family edition, thank you for providing the fuel to turn my dream into a reality!  The feedback you have given has been treasured and included in the final product!

Feeding Our Families:  Bringing back the made-from-scratch family dinner is the only cookbook of its kind that simultaneously excites the palate, heals the body, and nourishes the soul.  It is 48 complete dinner plans for the family that is ready to improve the way they eat.  If you are looking for healthier recipes, tastier recipes, easier to follow recipes, or more culturally diverse recipes, this is the cookbook you’ve been waiting for!  Over 90% of the recipes can easily be adapted to vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free.  Additionally, I’ve dedicated 50 pages to explain why I picked every ingredient I used in this book.  I want to teach you how eating real food can help your body fight disease, look better, have more energy, lose weight, and lead an all around better life.  Happy eating!

If you are a non-profit interested in using Feeding our Families as a fundraising tool, or a merchant interested in resale, please send me a direct email to discuss wholesale rates.  I would love to partner with you!


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