The Healthnut Foodie Organic Garden…

…has grown. (Oops.)
A couple of weeks ago, the school improvement supervisor for Annie and Ellie’s future elementary school asked if we knew of any local farmers who would be interested in donating some tomato plants for our school’s new vegetable garden. 
Excited about the fact that the girls will someday have a homegrown salad bar at school (!!!), I offered to do anything I could to help. After mentioning the need to some of my favorite farmer friends, I was connected to a really cool guy named Greg. Greg is a mechanical engineer/farmer. (I told you he was cool.) 

Long story short, Greg designs custom greenhouses and owns a company called City Bitty Farms. Earlier this spring, to test the functionality of his designs, and because he loves helping out local urban farmers, he planted 764 tomato plants. When we first chatted on the phone, he told me there were still plenty of leftover seedlings, and that he would be more than happy to donate some of them to our school. This got me super excited and I immediately made plans to visit the farm. 

When I walked into the greenhouse at City Bitty Farm, I was blown away by the diversity of organic heirloom tomato plants being grown. 
Then, something started to stir inside me. 
It was bad. 
And I caved. 
I returned home with an extra 15 tomato plants that I promised Greg we would plant, nurture, and sing to in our very own backyard. (Yes, I said 15. Darren has officially banned me from ever taking the girls to an animal shelter without him.)
Fast forward two weeks, and I am both excited and relieved to announce that we have finally created a home, planted, and built cages for all of our tomato plants! 
(I need to take a quick minute to brag on my hubby. Not only did he allow me to keep all of the precious tomato plants I came home with, he also built a beautiful cage for every one of them to grow in. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me.) 
So, if you are wondering what we plan to do with the 250 pounds of tomatoes we’ve been told these plants will yield…
We are too. I will keep you posted.

Hungry for more?!? Here are some of my favorite recipes that use tomatoes….


7 responses to “The Healthnut Foodie Organic Garden…

  1. How and what did you use for your tomoato cages? They look stronger than what's in the stores, how are the attached to the ground so they won't fall over.

  2. Heirlooms are the best…which ones did you get? There is such an incredible taste difference between heirlooms and hybrids.

    And, if you're looking for things to do with them, have you ever tried canning them? So easy and you get that wonderful fresh grown (heirloom) tomato taste in the middle of winter. Nothing beats it.

  3. We bought a roll of 5 foot tall lighter gauge fencing from Home Depot, cut them with wire cutters, and then closed them with cable ties. To make them secure in the ground, we cut the bottom horizontal layer off so that there was a 6-inch stake to go in all around. (I buy we, I mean Darren.)

    Does that make sense?

  4. I definitely plan on learning to can them!!! Both for the taste and to avoid BPA and the other toxin in can liners.

    We got six or seven different varieties including…Cherokee Purple, Green Zebra, Favoritista, Yellow Cheeries, and a few other that I can't recall. I also planted at least five of whatever the heirloom version of roma is called. I plan on selling some of the more exotic varieties fresh and then canning most of the roma's!!! So excited to be a “real” urban farmer!

  5. Sweet! Do it. Darren's been volunteering to make them for friends at church. I think we are starting to thrive from the manual labor of urban gardening… Have you checked out the new natural food store by whole foods? Pretty cool!

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